Clean water, natural fibres, first-rate expertise in the art of paper production and absolute commitment to quality have formed the foundation of our success for over 435 years.
In our business, we feel we have a certain duty towards the environment. For many years, we have been supporting both regional and international environmental projects as part of our ‘Green Rooster’ initiative, including reforestation, animal protection and environmental education programmes.

These projects are very important to us and we’re delighted to be able to use a share of the profits from our Natural Line to contribute towards environmental and climate protection.

Sustainability also plays a key role at our production site. Hahnemühle is located at the edge of a nature reserve. As such, environmentally friendly paper production is a high priority. Using precious resources such as water, fibres and energy sparingly and responsibly is a matter of course for us. The water we use to produce our high-quality FineArt papers comes straight from the source and is set apart by its particularly high level of purity, meaning it doesn’t need to be chemically treated at all.
Even at the end of the production cycle, the wastewater has been not contaminated with pollutants and is returned to the river as high-quality water.

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